Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday

This weekend I will:
-Reconnect with my soul

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ode to the Mags of Old

I'm so so sad!! Domino, one of my favorite magazines in the whole wide world, is ending. I've never thrown away an issue and I've subscribed since the very first one. What the heck man?! I was sad when Blueprint ended, but this is just depressing.

Another magazine that has had it's last issue: Cottage Living. Farewell dear loves.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been Tagged!

LA over at JUNE FIFTH has tagged me! I'm It!

Rules of the tag: List 5 Obsessions/Addictions that you have, and tag back to the person(s) that gave you the award. Post the rules and tag an additional 5 people.

So here I go:

Magazines: I am obsessed with magazines. I subscribe to so many that I can't keep up with them and they stack up in all corners of my house. I'm still unpacking old issues from when we moved! But I honestly love them for inspiration, ideas, recipes, etc... And it's way cheaper to subscribe than buy individually

Clean sinks. Ok this may be a slightly weird one. But I have a hard time going to bed if our sink isn't empty of dishes. And we don't have a dishwasher- so this is definitely an everyday thing... and I hate doing dishes. I don't get myself :)

Like LA, I heart photography. I stalk photo blogs like it's nobody's business! And I'm always the camera gal on trips with our friends. Here's one of my own:

I could live in Anthropologie. The candles alone make me never want to leave and the Sale section always keeps me coming back for more

And last but not least, the coffee shop experience: Strong black coffee, pastries, good music, an interesting novel or the paper, and I'm hooked. And if this stop happens in the middle of a spontaneous road trip, that doesn't hurt either :)

Now I tag:

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Good Finking:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Enjoy the Small Things

Yesterday I forgot to bring my biscotti to work at it completely threw my snack schedule off... what the heck was I going to eat at 8:30 that wasn't too filling but extremely delicious? To make up for it, I had to move all my snacks up a slot, which left me nothing for the afternoon time... the tragedies of life. So today- I am taking the time to recognize how much I enjoy my morning biscotti and coffee.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cosmo Recipes

This weekend, I baked some brownies from a recipe I got from Cosmopolitan magazine. Katie Lee Joel was dishing out some Superbowl recipes and I thought I'd start trying them out a head of time. They're super simple to make- and absolutely delicious. I present:

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies (notice I couldn't stop myself from eating them before I took the picture)

All you need is a box of this (Any brand is fine):

And 16 of these:

And you've got this gooey goodness. Just follow the directions on the box, and once you've poured half the brownie batter in the pan, throw in 16 of the Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and then remaining half of the batter on top of them. Then cook for the directed time and you're done!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Weekend

This is a holiday weekend for me, and I'm going to soak up every breathing moment of it. Please enjoy yours too

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What to Do...

I have many, many, many, many picture frames against my wall ready to be hung up. But I don't know which ones I want to use for our wedding photos (which we don't have yet)... so they continue to sit

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Workout Playlist

Music is vital when I workout. It keeps me energetic, focused, and happy. I hate when I forget to bring my ipod to the gym. The background music is quieter. I'm not guaranteed to like it. And the fact that I can hear my dying gasps of breath, (and of the person next to me) doesn't make me feel pumped up either... I feel like I should shut my mouth, save myself and stop whatever the heck I'm doing.

This is why I get totally stoked when people share their playlists with me. I'm really into mine for the time being, but just like doing the same workout repeatedly, I know I'll get bored of it after a while.

My Cardio Playlist:

  1. Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
  2. Never Going Back to OK- The Afters
  3. Tonight- The Afters
  4. Munich- Editors
  5. So Alive- Ryan Adams
  6. Bullets- Editors
  7. Hero/ Heroin- Boys like Girls
  8. Here I Come- Fergie
  9. U + Ur Hand- Pink
  10. Age of Consent- New Order
  11. We Could Run Away- Needtobreathe
  12. Mercy- Duffy
  13. So What- Pink
  14. Breakin' Dishes- Rihanna

Any suggestions? What gets you movin?

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Monday, January 12, 2009

1 Month to a Better Me

So I'm trying the Self Jump Start Diet. I've really gotten out of shape in the past few months and I need (and want) to start feeling better about myself. And what I love about this diet... is that it really isn't a diet at all. It's just trying different tips every day to see what works better for your body type.

But because my new Self subscription hasn't arrived at my door yet, I've been doing the one from January 2008 w/ Faith Hill on the cover. I don't know how different they are- but I tried day 1 yesterday and so far so good.

Day 1 Tip: Log your bites. Knowing that I had to write down what I ate later definitely made me more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I started off good- Cup of black coffee, bowl of cereal with skim (Lactaid for me) milk, and a biscotti. But then came lunch. Danny and I decided to try out a new restaurant and well... I kind of had a meatball sub. But because it was so insanely filling and large- I only had half... which I think counts for something right? :) Come dinner time my senses had come back. Plus I had just worked out so I didn't want to ruin what I had just worked my butt off for. So I had one of my old favorites: Brown rice mixed with scrambled eggs, seaweed, and a little bit of low sodium soy sauce. May sound strange- but I've feasted on this filling and yummy treat ever since I was little.

So today's tip: Feast first thing. Since I'm a snacker- I need to do most of my (healthy) snacking in the morning- which I don't see being a problem for my growling stomach. I've also already made a date with my husband to meet at the gym after work and do at least 30 min. of cardio too. Wish me luck!
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Weekend!

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To Continue with the Organized Theme

Here are some pictures from the new Zooey Deschanel spread in Domino. I've always loved her, and the photos have increased my motivation in turning our spare bedroom into an office.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'd Rather...

Off to the cubicle... But I'd rather be taking a stroll, sampling French pastries, and kissing my husband

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I Have a Confession...

Not only are our Christmas lights still up... but because our porch light burned out last night- I even turned them on (cringe). Happy January 8th :)

Here's the sweet husband putting them up last November.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pray for my Papa

My Papa's cancer has spread and he's having brain surgery today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Here we are dancing at my wedding.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Going back to work today after having a week off. Thought this was fitting

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Take a walk. Drink good coffee. Throw on a scarf. And breathe it all in.

I Got A Fever!

I got a fever! A fever to organize (ahem... unpack boxes first) our home office. It's going to take lots of work- but it's a New Year, and I have a sudden renewed energy. Here are some inspiration photos I've been looking at to help organize my thoughts.

So today I will drink coffee, workout, and start organizing our home office! Anyone else experiencing New Year ambitions?
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