Friday, June 29, 2012

To the Weekend!

I'll be back to regular blogging here next week. I hope you all have one ridiculously fantastic weekend!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lots of Fun and a Broken Computer

There will be light blogging this week due to the fact that not only is my family here, but my laptop may have taken it's last working breath. Thankfully my sister brought her laptop with her so I can check my email and such... not looking forward to the fact that I'll be putting lots of mula towards another computer this week... but when my business is completely on the internet- I'm kind of lost without one.

Other than my broken computer, things are going great out here. I'm loving spending time with my family- lots of hikes and family time... even some disputes during game night... Danny and my sister are kind of competitive haha. But so much fun. Hopefully when I get my new computer I'll be posting lots of pics.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful For:

Today I am thankful over and over for the same thing- my mom and sister are flying in! I LOVE hanging out with them and am looking forward to some good, quality girl time.

It's a 2 hour drive to the airport so I'll be leaving here soon. My awesomely, amazing husband has also offered to clean the rest of the house while I'm gone- is this a good day or what?!

Have a fantastic Thursday all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY: Map Silhouette Wall Art Tutorial

I love maps. Maybe it's because my degree's in Geography or because I love to travel, or maybe it's because my grandpa was a cartographer for the army... whatever the reason- I can never seem to get enough of them. I wrap gifts in them, I hang them on my walls, I have stacks! So around 10 o'clock the other night, when I'd had 3 hours of sleep the night before- I thought I'd try a project I'd been thinking about in my head. 

My sleep deprived brain was obviously not thinking clearly- but the project ended up being pretty easy. And although I definitely now recommend doing this project when you've had plenty of sleep (the detailed east coast was not my favorite thing in the world), I got it done pretty quickly. And I absolutely love how it turned out.

I got the idea for this project when I saw Kate's awesome fabric map. But since I knew I didn't have her patience to cut out and sew together each individual state, I veered off into a different direction for my own project.

What you'll need:

When I originally was going to make Kate's project, I had followed her direction by copying & pasting this map in Paint, and then printing it out poster size. You'll get lots of random papers. Cut where they say "cut" and connect the states together with tape. Once they're all taped together, I cut out the entire outline of the United States into 2 sections.

Once your entire outline is cut out, measure out and cut the amount of Kraft wrapping paper you'll need to cover the poster board. I covered mine all the way to the back and temporarily taped the back down (you'll be taking the paper off later).

Once the Kraft brown paper has been temporarily taped down, center your map on the board and attach with spray adhesive. You don't have to spray the entire back, just make sure it's not going to move around.

Trace the entire outline onto the paper. After tracing, detach the tape on the back of the poster board to take the Kraft paper off of the poster board. Begin carefully cutting out your outline. I used scissors for  most of the western states and an X-Acto knife for much of the south and east coast.

Once completely cut out, use the spray adhesive to attach the brown paper back onto the poster board. You can either hang your wall art up by itself or use ribbon like I did.

What's funny is that I ended up finding a large (and incredibly awesome!) map of the US from the 50's the next day at a garage sale. It was a $1 and there was no way I could pass it up. I've been looking for a vintage, giant map for years so... now we have two pictures of the US in our tiny family room. We apparently really, really, really love America.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Silver Pencils Home Goods Store Open!

I'm so excited to announce that Silver Pencils Home is now a reality! I'll be hosting a Grand Opening Launch Party once I get everything listed in my new shop (along with a giveaway!), but as of last night, I added my first few items that I've been working on. Silver Pencils Home will carry: totes, paper products, scarves, linens, jewelry, renovated goods, home decor, and more. I'll also still be running my current Silver Pencils wedding accessories store.

Check out the few items I already have listed and let me know what you think!

Bridesmaid Custom Gift Tote:

Happy Wedding!! Note Card:

 I love the surf... tote:

I love the mountains... tote:

Friday, June 15, 2012

To the Weekend!

It's Friday! And as excited as I usually am about the weekend, I think I'm a little intimidated by this one. Besides having a truck load of orders to get done, I also have lots and lots (said in a British accent) of cleaning to get done! My mom & sister are visiting next week (yay!) and I definitely need to figure out where people will be sleeping and such... because my craft room currently only has room for one person to walk through it... with their hands in the air and sucking in. But I don't care- because we'll soon be rafting, hiking, eating, and snuggling up to girl movies- I can't wait!

Happy Weekend All!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Real Wedding: Jennifer & David Part 3

We've come to the final installment of Jennifer & David's beautiful, art gallery wedding. Their photographer Claudia Kay did a fantastic job capturing the emotion in each of their photos. And if you still haven't had enough after this post, mosey on over to Jen's blog- where you can read about the crazy way they met- and their incredible love story from that point forward.

The rest of the commentary will be in Jennifer's words...

Jennifer: "We continued our theme of a personal, unique wedding with the music we choose.  Instead of using traditional wedding marches, we asked a family friend who is a classically trained pianist to perform our ceremony music.  He transposed a piano version of the Explosions in the Sky song "Your Hand in Mine" (one of my favorite songs) for the processional, and played a unique ragtime medly for our recessional. " 

"Using my wedding/event planning background, I was able to hand-make most of the decor elements of our wedding, including pinwheels for the bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres, cake topper, and table numbers."

"For our first dance, we asked David's sister Natali and our friend Andrew, who introduced David and I, to sing an original version of the song "A Whole New World" from the movie Aladdin, since David sang that song to me on one of our first dates and it has always been special to us."

"My advice for those planning their weddings now is to be creative and make your wedding personal!  The best thing anyone ever said to me when I began planning our wedding is that there is no formula that a wedding needs to fit into...
 "Every couple is different, and their wedding should reflect their unique personalities.  Don't feel the need to do something just because you're supposed to, and don't be afraid to add your own personal touches!  

By making each element of our wedding uniquely "David and Jennifer," we ended up with a personal, creative, and FUN wedding that we enjoyed from beginning to end, and we have countless memories that will last us a lifetime."

Thanks again for sharing your incredibly special wedding with us Jennifer! You can follower Jennifer on her blog at Evey & Mae

Jennifer is wearing the Small Pacific Hair Flower

Her DIY Pinwheel Tutorial is here


Photographer: Claudia Kay Photo
Ceremony Venue: Legation, a Gallery
Reception Venue: smARTspaces at 78th Street
Bride's Bouquet: Hilary Aurand
DJ: Matt Millia Productions

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Real Wedding: Jennifer & David Part 2

Are you ready for Part 2 of Jennifer & David's gorgeously unique art gallery wedding? Me too...

Jennifer: "I stumbled upon the 78th Street Studios online and as soon as I visited for the first time I knew I had found "the one."  Legation, a Gallery, has beautiful exposed brick, original wood floors, and an incredibly unique aesthetic that I knew would create a beautiful, romantic ceremony setting.  smARTspaces had a more urban, industrial vibe, which I knew would be original and fun for our upbeat reception.  Immediately, I was hooked."

This next set of photos is my favorite. I love how they kept from seeing each other but still got pictures before the ceremony. Plus, Jennifer's face is priceless...

I can just feel her excitement...

Stay tuned for the ceremony & Part 3!

Jennifer is wearing the Small Pacific Hair Flower


Photographer: Claudia Kay Photo
Ceremony Venue: Legation, a Gallery
Reception Venue: smARTspaces at 78th Street
Bride's Bouquet: Hilary Aurand
Carerer: Duet Catering
DJ: Matt Millia Productions

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Real Wedding: Jennifer & David Part 1

Are you ready for another gorgeous Real Wedding? Today I have Part 1 of Jennifer & David's DIY inspired Art Gallery Wedding. I love how they personalized each aspect of their wedding to make it uniquely "them."

Oh the lace...

Jennifer is wearing the Small Pacific Hair Flower.

Jennifer said: "When David and I first got engaged, there were two main factors that guided our wedding planning process:  we knew we wanted a wedding that was, from start to finish, "us,"  and we wanted to stick to a relatively small budget.  Since David is an artist and currently studying painting in Graduate School, and we both really love art, we decided that an art gallery would be the perfect setting for our wedding ...

We also were able to hang some of David's original paintings, including a piece he made specifically for our wedding day.  The end result was a beautiful mix of vintage and modern, completely reflective of us as a couple." Love this!

The beautiful bride...

As you may remember, Jennifer also did an awesome DIY post for the pinwheels they used for their wedding here

Jennifer is wearing the Small Pacific Hair Flower

Stay tuned for Part 2... because we haven't even gotten to the handsome groom yet!


Photographer: Claudia Kay Photo
Ceremony Venue: Legation, a Gallery
Reception Venue: smARTspaces at 78th Street
Bride's Bouquet: Hilary Aurand
Carerer: Duet Catering
DJ: Matt Millia Productions