Friday, November 30, 2012

More New Products in Shop!

In preparation for the holiday season, I've been busy at work creating a bunch of new products for SP Home. Here are some of the new items that entered the shop over the last couple of days..

Heavenly Tartan Hair Bow or Bow Tie

Roosevelt Hair Bow or Bow Tie

Averie Gold Leaf Twig Necklace

Little Gold Bug Necklace

Edward the Stag Antler Necklace

Lucy the Owl Pendant Necklace

Houndstooth Black & White Chunky Infinity Scarf

Mason Chambray Blue Infinity Scarf

Redford Mountain Plaid Infinity Scarf

Thursday, November 29, 2012

To the Weekend!


I'm getting my Christmas tree this weekend folks! And guess what else? I'm getting it out in nature- Paul Bunyan style.. minus the giant blue ox... and the giant man...Ok wait we I got a little off track.

The hubs and I are hiking out into nature and cutting one down ourselves- so exciting! I can't wait to get a fresh, green tree out in the woods. I'll try and take pictures of our little excursion to document all the awesomeness and potential awkwardness of getting it back. I'm sure I'll be wearing an evening dress with my snow boots as pictures above as well.

Have a wonderful weekend friends! I can't wait to spend mine embracing all things Christmas! See you back here in December!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Enjoying Cabin Life

Cabin life has been everything I hoped for and more. I cannot convey into words how very relaxing and comforting each day is. Even having coffee is more relaxing... I walk down our log stairs in the morning, inhale the strong, brewing coffee, and look out windows framing tall pines, red barns, &  gorgeous wildlife. I don't think I'll ever want to move.

But with the beauty also comes hard work. Since we'll be relying on our wood burning stove as our main source of heat over the winter, my husband spent the better part of each day for almost 2 weeks chopping firewood... which for those of you who are unaware means- sawing down trees, hauling them to the car, unloading them at our house, cutting them into rounds, and then chopping the rounds into firewood.

Even with all that work though, my husband also feels more at home here. I've never known him to be a homebody, but he loves just hanging around the house now- which I love.

Well enough rambling on my part, I have some better photos coming, but here's how life in the cabin has been through the eyes of my camera phone.

Enjoying the sun one day...

And the snow a few days later...

The cabin at night... cozy

My husband the mountain man- choppin' wood to keep us warm

A Great Gray Owl out our bathroom window

Spyin' on my man...

Made Pumpkin Coffee Cake one night

And enjoyed its deliciousness Thanksgiving morning...

And cut down some branches to make a fresh garland for our front door (I'll be posting a tutorial soon)

 I love mountain living.

All photos taken with my camera phone. Follow me on Instagram @silverpencils

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale!

Source: via Miyoun on Pinterest

Cyber Monday Sale!

Start checking the names off your Gift List by taking advantage of Free Shipping on all domestic orders in SP Home

There's been a lot of deals since Friday but this is the last of it. So hurry over today before your favorites are sold out (the Heavenly scarf already is and there's only 1 left of the Roosevelt).

 Enter coupon code FreeShip at checkout.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Special Offer for Shop Small Saturday!

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sits Small Business Saturday®, a day dedicated
to helping small businesses and their communities.

Silver Pencils is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday this year and I want
to encourage you to Shop Small® here today.

For Small Business Saturday, I am excited to offer Free Shipping on both domestic and international orders in SP Home! Enter coupon code Shopsmall at checkout to redeem this offer.

Visit to learn about other ways to get involved and support your
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Thank you for supporting Small Business Saturday 2012!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving my dears! I love today. The cooking, the baking, the family & friends. The weather, the warmth of inside, and the promise of tomorrow (always, always decorating for Christmas). And although I'll miss sharing Thanksgiving with all of my family today- I get the great pleasure of celebrating in a cozy little cabin- with the love of my life. Life is good and I am grateful.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Weekend Full of New Pretty Things

Lots of new products have been added to the SP Home shop since last night- and even more will be added over the weekend! Here's what's been added so far:

Gold Plated Bee Post Earrings
 Gold Plated Cloud 9 Earrings
 Rustic Deer Head Keychain
 Doorknocker Lion Keychain
 Effie the Elephant Keychain
 Jardin Gold Leaf & Pearl Dangle Earrings
 Laguna Earrings (1 set left)
 Riversong Gold Ripple Earrings
Songbird Canary Yellow & Ocean Blue Pendant Necklace
 Native Silver Heart & Arrow Necklace
 Celebrate Gold Plated Bow & Pearl Dangle Earrings (1 set left)
 Survival  Necklace
 16k Gold Plated Cross Geometric Dangle Necklace
 Tiger Lily Arrow & Small Leaf  Pendant Necklace
 Redford Flannel Infinity Scarf