Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Surprise Birthday Camp Out

Good Morning! Today I woke up in a tent. On the river. And smelled like campfire... pure bliss. 

I kidnapped Danny after work as the final part of his birthday celebrations yesterday for a birthday camp out. With takeout from one of our favorite places in town already in the car (Trio for you Jacksonites), we headed about a half hour out of town to a spot I had already claimed on the river. 

After noshing on gourmet pizza and blue cheese fondue fries, we relaxed by the campfire, looked up at the stars, and talked about the last 12 years of birthdays we've spent together.

We had to get an early start for work. But I loved waking up here...

Next to my man

 And of course Mavi too

We drove into town and headed to Persephone for an early breakfast. Hello Breakfast Bread  Pudding made of croissant, brioche, maple syrup and warm berries and peaches!

And we'll be headed out again to continue our camping excursion later today after work. Yay! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to the man who stole my heart in high school. Married me after college. And has loved me for the last 11 years. 

I love celebrating you!

Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY: Men's Dress Shirt to Super Cute Summer Top

I don't think I can express into words how much I love this project from Cotton & Curls. When I can take a 25 cent men's button up I bought at a garage sale- and turn it into a cute summer tank- I'm a happy girl. Shopping at thrift stores and garage sales will never be the same.

This project is super easy- even for the sewing machine challenged. It may take some time for you newbies to do all the ironing, pinning, and hemming- but besides time- it won't take much else- and you can always break the project up into multiple days if need be.

So here we go, how to turn a men's button up into a cute summer tank for yourself!

 Materials needed:

Sewing Machine
Men's Button Up
Matching Thread
Pins, Scissors, Measuring Tape

Here's the men's button up I got last year at a garage sale. Size large.

Cotton & Curls recommended using your favorite tank as a pattern. Next time I'll probably use one with slightly wider straps but it still worked out fine.

You can either free hand around or mark where you want to cut with a disappearing marker (what I did). I rounded out the front neckline as well.

Hem the bottom to the length you like, as well as the sleeves and neckline. I did all of mine 1/4" with a double fold`over hem (make sure to iron). And then sew into place.

And you get this! I absolutely love it and will be making tons more. (Please excuse the wrinkles- I had it tucked into a skirt the day before).

Friday, July 19, 2013

To the Weekend!

Happy Friday my friends!! 

I absolutely love the weekend. Even though it can be just as busy as any weekday- I don't have the pressure of making it to the post office in time- and it does seem just a little bit more relaxed. I'll be working again, but adding in some reading, friendship dates, chores, and ending it all Sunday night with our wonderful local church. 

I hope your weekend awakens your soul and energizes your mind. See you next week!

(Image via Pinterest)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flash Sale!


Today Only! Get the Apricot Stretchy Floral Turban Head Wrap for $12.99! Price goes back to $18.00 tomorrow.

Thankful For...

5 things I'm grateful for...

1) My baby sister. She's 21 today. And although we're 7.5 years apart- she is one of the most intelligent, witty, and loving people I've ever met. Any day with her is instantly better- and I am so very grateful that I was blessed with her as both a sister and a very good friend.

2) Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. That book is kicking me in the butt- and in the best way possible. If you haven't read it- I highly recommend it

3) The weather. It's a gorgeous cloudy day and I absolutely love it

4) My hardworking, smokin' hot, loving husband. In the 11+ years we've been together, we've gone through A LOT. But through all the ups and downs, good, and bad` this man still continues to surprise me, motivate me, and love me- and  I really, really love him

5) My job. I've seen it as a blessing. I've seen it as work. I've thanked God for it. I've complained and stressed about it. But as I go through this new and challenging phase with it, God has opened my eyes to my errors. My job is a blessing. Period. Every job is work- but every job is also what you make out of it. And I'm going to work hard so that I can help us pay off our debt, contribute to our earnings, and help others. I am so very grateful that this opportunity is still in front of me- I will not waste it.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time Mountain Living

Can I share something with you? Mountain living as of late has not been rough. Not that it really ever is... but with the 4th and my husband finally starting to get a day or two off a week... it has actually started to feel a bit like summer- and I love it.

On the 4th, we decided to do something we've never done the entire time we've lived out here- head out to String Lake and just chill. We've hiked around String  Lake, and biked by it- but never have we ever gone out on it. Well- that's changed now folks- because after the other day- we're going to be going a lot more now

 We brought a raft...

And then just floated- swimming, eating, basking in the sun- it was pretty dang wonderful and the perfect way to spend the 4th.

Sipping on iced coffee out of old pasta jars...

And then there were some normal days...

Driving back from the grocery store...

Spying on a deer in the front yard...

And then... we went to the Gros Ventre- one of our favorite areas up here...

Can never get enough of those red hills...

Danny fly fishing...

Me: Holding Mavi's rope while simultaneously taking in the view and swatting horseflies...


Does he know how good he has it?

The next few were all taken by my husband. He's amazing

All photos taken with an iphone and from mine and my husband's instagram. Follow along @Silverpencils and @Poorfish1217